Range Kit – Everything you need to keep your rifle running on the range.

The perfect kit to keep in your truck or shooting bag.  The White Label Armory Range Kit contains all of the AR15 components that you might need to replace while in the field.  From a full C158 bolt carrier group to a disconnect spring, this kit will keep you running in the event of a small parts breakage.  Don’t get caught at the range with a dead rifle, keep one of these kits close by!  This kit has a significant cost savings over purchasing the components individually.  Retail value of over $370.00!

The Range Kit contains the following:


Receiver PartsQuantity
4001-1501-002Pivot Pin, OEM, M16, Nitride4
4001-1501-003Takedown Pin, OEM, M16, Nitride4
4001-1501-006Pin, OEM, M16, Fire Control Group, Nitride10
4001-1510-001Detent, OEM, M16, Pivot / Takedown Pin, Plated10
4001-1510-003Detent, OEM, M16, Selector, Plated5
4011-1900-005Spring, OEM, M16, Pivot / Takedown Detent10
2004-1900-003Spring, OEM, M16, Ejector / Selector, Raw10
4011-1900-002Spring, OEM, AR15, Hammer5
4011-1900-003Spring, OEM, AR15, Trigger5
4011-1900-004Spring, OEM, AR15, Disconnect10
4001-0607-002Trigger, OEM, AR15, 8620, Phosphate2
4001-0607-003Hammer, OEM, AR15, 8620, Phosphate2
4001-1507-002Disconnect, OEM, AR15, Phosphate3
4002-1507-001Lower Parts Kit, OEM, M16, Magazine Catch Kit, Phosphate1
BCG PartsQuantity
2009-0801-001BCG Complete M15 5.56 C158 Nitride1
2006-0801-001Bolt, OEM, M16, Complete, 5.56, Machined Extractor, C158, Nitride1
2024-2300-001Gas Ring, OEM, M16, Stainless, Raw12
2020-0307-001Extractor, OEM, M16, 5.56, Billet, 4140-HT-SP, Phosphate2
2004-1900-001Spring, OEM, M16, Extractor, Standard,4
2024-2100-002Insert, OEM, M16, Extractor, Rubber4
2024-2100-001O-Ring, OEM, M16, Extractor, Rubber4
2024-2207-001Pin, OEM, M16, Firing Pin Retaining Pin, Phosphate2
2014-1800-001Firing Pin, OEM, M16, 17-4 H900, Raw2
2004-0301-001Cam Pin, OEM, M16, 4140, Nitride1
Weight64 oz
Dimensions12 × 7 × 2 in


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